Small Business Incubator for “Green” Businesses Mevo Carmel - Joint Jewish-Arab Employment Zone

The Megiddo region, currently in the process of being declared a biosphere region by the United Nations, has identified the economic-environmental stimulus that this project offers and the opportunity for economic development focused on “green” businesses it creates.


Anyone who has started a green business understands the value of a green work environment. The Mevo Carme region, a nature-filled area, brings together the local authorities of Megiddo, Yokneam, Usfiya and Daliat el-Carmel near Elyakim Junction, where the Center for Jewish-Arab Economic Development along with the local authorities is spearheading the Regional Employment and Business Development Center.

The project is a unique opportunity to promote entrepreneurship and employment for the Jewish and Arab residents of the region, which will jointly benefit from the potential economic momentum the Mevo Carmel joint employment zone project will bring. Mevo Carmel industrial zone is scheduled to open in approximately two years.

The project is expected to generate hundreds of additional jobs and require the provision of diverse services to employers, who will locate their activity in the Mevo Carmel employment zone.

As part of the project, a small business incubator for “green” businesses has been established – that is; businesses that manufacture products or provide services that address environmental concerns and/or use environmentally friendly methods and technologies.

Existing businesses or people with ideas for entrepreneurship in this field (including tourism), who have managerial ability and growth potential and are based in the geographic area of the project or are ready to relocate to the area (Megiddo area, near Tut interchange on Highway 6) are ideal for this project.

The center will comprise of 10 small businesses that will receive special and subsidized services such as: a physical space that includes subsidized rent, business consulting, marketing, central administrative and bookkeeping services, training and help obtaining financing at very attractive terms.

The professional consulting services will be provided jointly with MATI Hadera, the Israeli Center for Green Businesses































The project is guided by a steering committee established for this purpose comprised of heads of local authorities, representatives of the Center for Jewish-Arab Economic Development, potential partners and academics.

According to Alona Sold, Manager of the Mevo Carmel Employment and Business Development Center, this is a unique project that involves strategic thinking to develop employment and business opportunities in joint industrial areas, leading to social and economic development for the benefit of businesses and residents of the region!

Do you think green? Join the Green Business Incubator































If you have a green business - a product or service that is environmentally friendly and you use friendly technologies. If you work in the area or are ready to relocate to the area (Megiddo area, near the Yokneam interchange on Highway 6), we invite you to contact Alona Sold, Project Manager, at 054-7737361 or by e-mail You can also register directly on the Megiddo Regional Council website